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Institute for the Conservation of Free Technologies

The ICTL – Institute for the Conservation of Free Technologies 1 – is a non-profit association which aims to promote the dissemination, development and defense of Free Software. In addition to developing actions for the advancement of Free Software in general, the Institute also provides an institutional structure for Free Software projects, so that they can receive donations, incur expenses, and maintain resources.

ICTL is incorporated in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, and its bylaws include the following objectives:

More information (in Portuguese)

As a Brazilian institution and with the Brazilian territory our main focus of activity, most of our content is only available in Brazilian Portuguese. In any case, and since nowadays automated translation can get you a long way, we reference it here in case you need more information about us:


For general inquiries, write to contato@ictl.org.br

For financial matters, write to financeiro@ictl.org.br

  1. The acronym comes from our original name in Portuguese: Instituto para Conservação de Tecnologias Livres. (Yes, we are big fans of the Software Freedom Conservancy